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Capturing Light Shining in the Darkness

-Taffy and Tony



Taffy and Tony

We are a husband and wife photography team. We incorporate off-camera flash during 99% of our sessions to give our photographs that distinctive "pop". I do the shooting. Tony mans our off-camera lighting and serves as the second shooter on a wedding day but is the lighting guy during formals and bridal portraits.

>> fun facts...

"We long To Capture The Love Affair Between Light And Dark, Where Seductive Shadows Expose The Divergence Of The Two." - Taffy

During your session we will do some posing to help you look your best but we won't go overboard. We want you to look natural and comfortable. We also love to capture those sweet moments between you and your loved ones so act natural even though we still may have the camera up during a transition. These likely will become your most treasured photographs.

We love Jesus! We are members at, and are involved in the Catalyst Ministry (7th-12th Grade Students) as well as lead Student and Adult Small Groups at Traders Point Christian Church - West Campus in Avon, IN. If you do not have a church home or want to learn about Jesus and the Christian faith, feel free to join us on Sunday mornings or evenings.

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- We are High School sweethearts and have been married for 17 years! 

- Taffy loves weightlifting. "If it's back squat day, I WILL be there."

- Taffy loves the smell of rain, watching a storm roll in (Tony tolerates the constant checking of the radar), the smell of a freshly turned dirt field, and fresh cut hay.

- Taffy likes to stay up late and LOVES to sleep in. Tony, however, would rather get up early and head to the gym.

- Tony loves the solace of backpacking and hiking...he has hiked somewhere around 600 miles on the Appalachian Trail. He also enjoys searching out locally roasted coffee when traveling.

- Taffy loves all things rustic, especially old barns. I love outdoor weddings but barn weddings are my most favorite!

- Tony is an IT Professional/Software Developer. Besides a photographer, Taffy is a Registered Nurse.

- Something that we both agree on is that we prefer a cabin in the mountains over the beach anytime.

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Taffy and Tony